Who we are?

Our aim is to introduce modern culture of information security.
SECURE- offers to everyone modern solutions and complex processes for your safety

Why security?

Modern technological revolution and progress has changed the basic principles and vectors of security. Security became vitally important for any process and organization.

"SECURE" solutions

We offer you security optimization methods and information security solutions tailored for your organization.

Approaches and standards in data processing, exchange and cyber-security are improving daily. Consequently, we must have a modern, protected and optimized application. Service implies auditing a software code of your application and a flow of business process. This will serve as a cast-iron guarantee that the product will be protected and correspond to modern security standards.

  • Examining mechanisms for authentication, authorization and communication;
  • analyzing weaknesses related to programming (buffer overflows, weaknesses in connection to data input-output);
  • Analyzing security of third-party libraries and resources;
  • Implementing cryptographic functions;
  • A team of your developers might be engaged in the process after preparing a report as needed. They will have consultations in relation to software security coding.

Conducting a simulated cyber-attack, which will be implemented under your supervision, will serve as the best test for your organization and business processes. By using the following methods, you will be able to anticipate the problems that might emerge in case of real cyber-attack.

  • External and internal penetration tests on system (network, servers and applications);
  • Simulating injections on databases and resources remotely;
  • Simulating attacks on organization staff by using social engineering;
  • Wireless penetration test;
  • Simulating multi-vector attacks on Multi Layer;
  • The service can be used only once or permanently on regular basis.

Modern information security is not a standard pattern and its direct implementation is not straightforward and available for an organization. The desired result can be achieved only by unifying complex knowledge and experience. As working process, scales and requirements of every organization are different we are pleased to offer you consultations in the following directions:

  • Planning security strategy design;
  • Introducing security policy in the existing services and processes;
  • Evaluating risks and classifying information;
  • Defining threats and flaws;
  • Planning reaction on an incident and isolating threats;
  • Working out access policy to organization resources;
  • Selecting infrastructure and software development by taking into consideration current operations and processes.

Having detailed description and providing precise information on own resources serve as a guarantee for detecting weaknesses and planning future action plans. In order to prepare a report and conceive a real situation we offer you to check the following processes:

  • Authorization and access control;
  • Physical access control;
  • Network security;
  • Client terminal security (Host, workstation, laptop);
  • Application security;
  • Continuity of business process due to system and services;
  • Data security;
  • Security monitoring;
  • Perimeter security;
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